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Greg Pawlak has spent 20 years in the music industry as a singer/songwriter,
performer, and concert promoter.
While living in Memphis, Tennessee, Greg teamed up with the Mid-South Band
Association where he sat on the board of directors for over a year. The MSBA was
formed to help up and coming bands to find their place in the spotlight. Greg was in
charge of 130 bands playing in 13 venues all along the famous Beale Street during the
Memphis In May music festival. He was also the praise and worship leader for
Memphis International Church for 4 years.

Greg Pawlak soon began a partnership with Hollywood Music TV, an online MTV of
sorts that was a platform for independent bands and artists from all around the world
to be seen, heard and possibly discovered. It was here in 2003 that Greg began his
radio career on Hard Rock Radio Live.

Greg assumed the on air name of DJ Ravenwolf and began producing and hosting
The Best Of Hair radio show. A show dedicated to his favorite genre and time period
as well as a place to help showcase some of the best independent bands from
Hollywood Music TV. The show quickly grew in popularity and was syndicated to
several online radio stations all over the country.
The Best Of Hair is now broadcast on KCLA FM 99.3 Los Angeles, the second largest
market in the United States. Heard by millions of listeners all around the world, and
syndicated on several online stations and podcasts, Greg’s hard work and dedication
to bringing the best entertainment to his audience has made his show a certified hit.

The Best of Hair is heard every Friday at 10am Pacific time, 1pm Eastern and streamed
online at and . Podcast shows can be
heard at .

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